Development Process

Just like in software development, web site development can also be divided into steps. This forms the life cycle of a web site – from the start to its completion. These standards and procedures are a great guideline to the web designing team, as it enables them to achieve maximum quality. Apart from technology and the people concerned, an important factor which affects the quality of the product is the Development Process.  Vigna follows the industry standard Development process to deliver the product with Quality.

Process Flow Chart:

Requirements Gathering
We start the process by gathering the requirements of the client. We question them thoroughly on every aspect of their requirement. We ask questions about their personal lives, their business, the budget, goals and their expectations. It is at this point that we also discuss look and feel criteria of the web site, how the web site should look, what function it is expected to serve, the contents that should be included in it, what the target audience is, the budget for the site, their competition and the time frame for it to be completed. Along the way we will be offering suggestions on matters that may not have occurred to them. This is expected to be an open discussion to move forward to the next phase.

Requirements Verification

The requirements that we have collected from the client must be clear and complete, in order to finish the project successfully. During our first discussion we have collected all the requirements but still we need to make sure that the collected information is correct and complete. For that we send an Understanding Document with all the requirements that are expected. Following your verification and approval we go on to the next stage of planning.


Based on our discussion and its analysis, we draft specification web pages which includes process charts, site maps and the time and cost factor. This draft can be reviewed and revised if needed.

Sample Layout Designing:

Till now we have only provided the process flow work chart. Now we make arrangements for the client to see the web site in its working environment. We give them an option of two to three layouts from which they can choose. We add dummy data to the layouts to give it the life it requires in a working environment.

Design & Development

Design and development are crucial factors that decide and shape the web page. We need to collect the graphical elements that are required to give shape to the look and feel factor. The requirements for this are photographs, client logos, brand identity and ISO and other certification logos. It is up to the client to provide us with all these items. If required we also arrange to design logos, prepare graphs and charts, and if needed, we arrange photographers and creative professionals to develop content.

The colors and images that we use will be appropriate to the client’s product and services. We then send this design to our client for their perusal and incorporate any changes that they may require. Our web page design graphic generally include models of navigation, content and placeholders.

Content Writing

Content writing is an important feature of web designing as it plays a significant role in search engine optimization. The content has to be clear and brief to communicate with the visitors to the website and so it is preferred that the content is prepared by a professional writer. This makes the difference in getting the message across to the target audience. While writing the content we include all the details of the client including product details, product specifications, service details, certifications, brand info, FAQ, contact address, client comments, case studies, service plans, commercial information like billing, shipping and packing terms, graphs, charts and diagrams.


We then start coding of web pages in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and other web technologies after getting the text and graphic contents. The coded web pages have to be consistent with the web design. If the web pages are properly coded it enables them to be loaded faster, search engine spiders index quickly and rank well. Every page has its unique title, Meta tags like description and keywords. These keywords are linked to improve the search engine ranking and navigation. We monitor the quality of the website constantly and improve it by using different tools and proven methods to ensure that it meets the required specifications.


The entire website is then tested. We look for slow loading page and images, broken links and browser compatibility. The processes like registration, mails payments etc. are also tested at this stage. After all this is done and measures have been taken to correct the errors, the web site is then uploaded on to a server.


Now that the web site has been uploaded we have to let our target audience know that such a site exists. Some of the ways that this can be done is through a search engine, directories, Emails, RSS feeds, blogs, social networking sites, web based advertisements, and pay per click (PPC).We provide guidance in promoting your website in search engines, and selling your products or services on the web.


We monitor your website for website visitors, performance and uptime. Regular updates are required to keep you visitors well informed and we take care of that. The customers have to be notified of any changes in the information available on the website by mail and on the web. Our maintenance services are provided at a very competitive rate.

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