Why Vigna?

We are staffed by achievement-oriented individuals who excel with zeal, fervor and enthusiasm, and will do anything to achieve positive results. We have a set of professionals who are well experienced in the profession. They have been selected from the best through a rigorous selection process; and they have been confirmed keeping, in mind the parameters put forth by the customers.

We are committed to do all we can to serve our customers; from collaborating in strategic planning to supporting the implementation and management of technology solutions. For each and every collaboration, we bring both, deep industry expertise and professional integrity, based on our long-standing core business values.
  • Skilled, professional, customer support and technical service representatives
  • Improved market coverage
  • Faster ramp-up, launch, and roll-out of new Products
  • Rapid response to market conditions
  • Account management expertise
  • Enhanced reporting capabilities Market testing capabilities
…Thanks to Vigna Technologies all our mundane routine works have been automated. They have made our lives so much easier giving us time to work on other things. We will definitely continue to work with them in the future and are currently in the process of giving them referrals.
Ganga Sweets - Mr. Senthil Kumar

…After dealing with something like 5 development houses over the last two years, I can honestly say Vigna Technologies stands head and shoulders above its competition in quality and professionalism. It has been a real pleasure working with Vigna. I really appreciate the speed with which they respond to our requests, the amount of time they take to explain things and their attention to detail. Annachi Enterprises (P) Ltd - Mr. Suresh

…Vigna has always engineered our business systems from the beginning. They explained the entire development process to me, created project timelines and always delivered when they promised. They are total professionals, and their time and cost projections were perfectly abided by. Thanks Vigna, you are the best!
Pixelsque - Mr. Aravindhan

…Extremely satisfied with the service. Thank you very much.
Aadhava Group - Mr. Manoj, Mr. Kiran

…when we our company was searching for web development team, we were expecting a firm that could provide great service, quick turnaround and best price. We found it all at Vigna. Really did things well and we wish to continue our relationship to expand our website trusting Vigna to be our guiding hand… Hanthana Enterprises - Mr. Vinothkumar
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